Build to Suit

Perfect for Modern Business

Designed to meet all your distribution needs.

Flexible by Design

Our flexible floor plans accommodate different warehouse management systems and conveyance equipment.

  • Ultramodern logistics facilities with an allowable building height up to 100 feet.
  • Larger site areas allow for additional trailer storage and parking for larger employee pools.
  • This site uses 21kV power throughout the park.

Vertically Integrated

As an industrial user and builder, we offer a full suite of services and subject matter experts to meet your needs.

  • We offer complete “concept-to-occupancy” services with our Capital Projects team as your general contractor.
  • Our approach has improved overall project control, reducing costs and enhancing schedule delivery.
  • Our approach has improved supplier relations and tenant satisfaction.

Low Operating Expenses

We are long-term holders of real estate.

  • We offer low net-to-gross, about one-third the cost of our Southern California competitors.
  • Low accessorial costs as a result of ample parking and trailer storage on site.
  • Our tenants report industry-leading low turnover and high time-to-productivity rates, thanks in part to our on-site training programs and facilities.

Location, Location, Location

Wonderful Industrial Park is close to all Western population centers and has the best access to highways, trains, ports, and airports.

  • Our park has the shortest average weighted distance to population centers in the Western 11 states.
  • The site will feature in-place transportation infrastructure and direct highway access.
  • Bakersfield is number 5 in home ownership affordability in the U.S.

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