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What do Amazon, Target, FedEx, Walmart, and Ross all have in common? They’ve all discovered that Wonderful Industrial Park is the premier one-stop logistics solution on the West Coast for their domestic and international needs.

State-of-the-Art Logistics

A 1,625-acre fully entitled, master-planned industrial park with over 11 million square feet completed and in operation today.

Unrivaled High-Quality Workforce

With over 1.3 million residents within a 45-minute commute and a lower cost of living in the region, a skilled workforce is here to stay.

Hub Serves Western 11 States

North-south/east-west connection with approximately two-hour drive to the Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles and a four-hour drive to the Ports of San Francisco/Oakland.

Business-Friendly Environment

Shafter offers significant benefits to developers and corporations alike, such as the lowest cost of operations in California.

Built for Modern Business

Our state-of-the-art sites are designed with best-in-class high-speed fiber-optic networks, ultramodern facilities, and flexible floor plans.

Located in the Middle of Everywhere

We offer the best access to highways, trains, ports, and airports, as well as the shortest weighted average distance to the major population centers in the Western U.S.

Efficient and Sustainable Movement of Goods

Central Valley Green Pass

The new Central Valley Green Pass will route trucks away from homes and schools while adding critical capacity to Highway 99 and greatly decreasing pollution and congestion.

Inland Rail Terminal

Debuting in 2024, this joint venture with the Pacific Terminal Services Company will provide an inland point for intermodal service to Shafter, with on-site connectivity to BNSF Railway through 18,000 feet of track and loading/unloading stations.

Located in the Middle of Everywhere

We are uniquely situated to meet all your Western U.S. logistics needs.

  • Optimized transportation cost and time to get goods to market faster than ever
  • One-day truck turn to 35 million customers and two-day truck turn to more than 70 million customers
  • Substantially reduced accessorial costs compared to the Inland Empire due to large on-site truck courts and trailer storage

Master-Planned With Our Neighbors in Mind

In keeping with our commitment to environmental sustainability, the park has been master-planned in a location that considers the local community’s air quality and keeps warehouses away from major residential and school areas.

Exceptional Amenities

Training, Conference, and Amenities Complex

Amenities include a dine-in restaurant, a training center, conference and event spaces, and other services to support local employees and communities.

“As part of The Wonderful Company, our parks benefit from our expertise, not only as a developer but also an owner/operator experienced in perfecting our own 
supply chain.”

Stewart Resnick, Founder/President of The Wonderful Company

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